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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription MARCH 1857 175
as welcome to the masses, as you yourself have always been among the `select, the favored few'. I beg to say that I shall watch eagerly its advent, and doubt not to enjoy its contents quite as greatly as any of the multitude.'—Thanks for your sympathy, touching my Northern progress,—where I could make no progress. As a gentle-man, they left me hardly any choice. I had simply to button my coat, close my portfolio, and quietly withdraw. So Meek is married!' I trust happily & prosperously. Pray believe me, dear Mrs. L. V. Ever truly Your obliged frd & Servt.
W. Gilmore Simms
Woodlands, Midway P. O. So. Caro. March 31. 1857. My dear James.
I have been home for three weeks, but so sick, so sore, so suffering, and so oppressed with visitors & business that I have not been able to command my mind, for writing to the friends with whom I should be most anxious to commune. Our house is crowded at this moment, and I have stolen a midnight hour for this scribble, while they resign themselves, in the phrase of the Irish damsel, to the arms of Murphyj' There are half a score of aunts & cousins—my wife's—now with us. My eldest daughter has just returned from Georgia where she has been visiting for six weeks.' My eldest son has his Spring vacation & has just come up from Charleston bringing with him a couple of his school companions.' There is a young

'Mrs. Le Vert chose as her publisher Sigmund H. Goetzel, of Mobile, who also had an office in New York City. See note 2, Jan. 10, 1863 (1078). '1n 1856 Meek married Emma Donaldson Slatter (d. 1863).
'In 1852 James (see introductory sketch) was appointed British Consul at Nor-folk, Va. In 1857 he was living in Richmond, and in Sept. 1858 he left Virginia to become British Consul General at Venice.
'We have not identified the source of this joke.
'Doubtless Augusta had been visiting the Teffts.
'William Gilmore Simms, Jr. was attending the Charleston High School (see note 11, Jan. 5, 1857 [839)).