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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription MARCH 1857 177
three weeks I have thus suffered & am still not well. But I am better, & begin to be busy. I have yet some Lectures to deliver, but hope to get through shortly, and then to my desk.10 I have laid the keel of a new novel which my Publisher wishes to launch in Sept." But, quien Babe? Please say to Florence that I shall send her, by mail, in a day or two, a copy of my Poems, in 2 vols.12 They will go to your address. Oblige me by specially asking for them should they fail to reach you speedily after this. She will find them, I trust, frank, manly, honest, in thought and sentiment, after the best English models of a thousand years. They aim at some thing more than mere commonplaces & jingle. Tell her I regard poetry as winged Thought. This is my brief definition. She will please look to it as such in these volumes, though I may decieve myself in supposing that I have reached the 'specular mount"' at which I aimed. Pray say to Master Courtenay14 that I thank him for his cigars which I did not open on the roadside, but which I have been enjoying at intervals since I reached home. For yourself, my dear fellow, God forgive you, and keep you heedfully in the hollow of his hands.
Yours Ever truly Simms
10Simms lectured at Augusta, Ga., in Apr. See letter to Hammond of May 6 (846).
"The Cassique of Kiawah a Colonial Romance, planned by Simms as early as 1845, was not finished until Apr. 1859. It was published by Redfield, New York, in May 1859. See letters to Duyckinck of June 25, 1845 (260), and Apr. 22, 1859 (926), and note 137, May 23, 1859 (930).
"Poems Descriptive Dramatic, Legendary and Contemplative.
"Paradise Regained, IV, 236.
'Courtenay Hunter James, James' son. See note 196, July 10, 1858 (887).