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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription OCTOBER 1857 183
Charleston, July 31. [1857]' My dear Fields.
Looking over a pile of Critical Notices furnished to the Charles-ton Mercury, I detached these for you. You will observe that none of your recent publications are included among them, for the reason which I must regretfully state, that I have not for some time been honoured with your favours. Certainly, I have, in this quarter, done your state some service. I had wished especially,—though Scott is now pretty much beyond criticism & above puffery—that I should be favoured with your beautiful edition; and if you have not wilfully designed otherwise, I hope that you will supply me with such recent issues of your house as do not recieve notice among the papers sent.
Yours truly
W. Gilmore Simms J . T. F.
Woodlands, Midway P. O. So. Caro. Oct. 30. 185 7. C. Benj. Richardson Esq.
Dear Sir.

Do me the favour, henceforth, to forward the His. Mag. & the Reg.' to the P. O. at Midway. I have left the city for the plantation,

'Dated by Simms' request for Ticknor and Fields' edition of Scott. Ticknor and Fields'' Household Edition" of the Waverley Novels, 50 vols., was published during 1857-1859, but Simms' letter could not have been written in 1858, since in this letter he remarks that he has not recently received any of the firm's publications and on June 18, 1858 (884), he requests books from Fields which he reviewed in July of that year (see letter to Fields of July 17' 1889a1).
'In Jan. 1857 Richardson founded in Boston the Historical Magazine, and Notes and Queries Concerning the Antiquities, History and Biography of America. See note 311, Dec. 21, 1866 (1215).
The New England Historical and Genealogical Register and Antiquarian Journal (Boston), founded in Jan. 1847.