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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 184 THE SIMMS LETTERS
where I shall remain till June of next year. I see that you announce on sale the Hist. Mag. of the Maine Hist. Soc.' If you will send me a copy of this work, thro' Russell & Jones,4 I will compensate you in future contributions to your Mag. and either copy the papers myself or pay for the copying.' You shall have the proper quid.—Had you not better make Russell & Jones your agents in Charleston? I enclose you two or three slight notices which I wrote for the Ch. Mercury. I have endeavoured, with each issue of your work, to draw attention to it. If you had an agency in Charleston, this might be of service. I have not preserved the other notices, tho' these will suffice to show that your work has not been totally overlooked.

Yours in haste, But truly—&c
W. Gilmore Simms 852a : To NATHANIEL PAINE'

Woodlands So Caro. Decr. 5. 1857 Nathl. Paine, Esq.
dear Sir:

I have much pleasure in complying with your complimentary request, and am, Sir,

Your obt servt. &c. W. Gilmore Simms.

'Thomas L. Gaffney, Curator of Manuscripts of the Maine Historical Society, writes us that Simms probably had in mind The Collections of the Maine Historical Society, V (1857). The first volume of Collections appeared in 1831, the last in 1906.
'James C. Jones (d. 1861) had gone into partnership with John Russell.
'For Simms' contributions, see note 311, Dec. 21, 1866 (1215), and note 55, Feb. 12, 1867 (1226).
'Though the cover of this letter has not survived, Paine was probably Nathaniel Paine (1832-1917), banker of Worcester, Mass., who early developed "the collecting instinct" and was an ardent collector of stamps, coins, medals, photographs, and autographs. In 1857 he was promoted from assistant cashier to cashier of the