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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 188 THE SIMMS LETTERS
ward as soon as the new ed. was struck off, has not reached me yet,10 and you will see that I have referred in print to some of your holiday publications which were not sent me, or not recieved."
Woodlands, S. C. May 8. 1858. T. Addison Richards, Esq.
My dear Pictor.
I have been confidently looking for a visit from you for some time back; for though my family has been compelled, ever since February last, to take up their abode in the city, yet I have been, as I am at present, keeping Bachelor's Hall here, & should have been most happy to give you, & if you pleased your bride,' the cordial welcome of that nondescript person. I advised you in one or two letters to which I recieved no answer,' to call at our town house, should you reach Charleston, & ascertain whether I was there or here. The changed circumstances of our present & recent mode of life, so
10In the Charleston Mercury of Nov. 10, 1857, Simms published a notice of Vol. IV of Thomas Hart Benton's Abridgment of the Debates of Congress . . . From Gales and Seaton's Annals of Congress; from Their Register of Debates; and from the Official Reported Debates, by John C. Rives, 16 vols. (New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1858-1861).
"In the Mercury of Dec. 17 Simms published a favorable notice of Sarah S. Comell's Comell's Grammar-School Geography: Forming a Part of a Systematic Series of School Geographies, Embracing an Extended Course and Adapted to Pupils of the Higher Classes in Public and Private Schools (1858); in the Mercury of Dec. 21 he published notices of Edith J. May's Bertram Noel; a Story for Youth (1859), Maria Jane McIntosh's Meta Gray; or, What Makes Home Happy (1859), and Maria Louisa Charlesworth's The Ministry of Life (1858). Under the heading "Holiday Publications" in the Mercury of Dec. 27 he noticed The Stratford Gallery; or, the Shakspeare Sisterhood: Comprising Forty-Five Ideal Portraits, Described by Henrietta L. Palmer
. (1859), "an exquisite collection," and Mary Balmanno's Pen and Pencil (1858). Simms was on friendly terms with Robert Balmanno and his wife, Mary (see note 116, May 28, 1852 [626]), and was one of the subscribers to her Pen and Pencil (see note 48, Feb. 27, 1855 17591). Seven letters to Robert Balmanno are published in Vol. Ill of The Letters of William Gilmore Simms.
'In the fall of 1857 Richards married Mary Anthony, daughter of Lorenzo Dow Anthony, of Providence, R.I. See letter to Mary Lawson of Oct. 27, 1857 (851). 'We have not located these letters.