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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription MAY 1858 189
different from our past habits, is due to a peculiar condition of things. You are aware, doubtless, of the death of my wife's father, after two or more years of Paralysis & partial loss of mind.' He succumbed to the final Fate at a period of considerable anxiety with us, my wife being absent in the city, for the purpose of accouchment, which was daily expected; and I with her the only member of the family. My daughter Augusta, with all the other children in charge, remained at the plantation with Mr. Roach. I had to keep the secret of his crisis from my wife, & the tidings of his demise, until her accouchement was safely accomplished;4 and this, to me, torturous necessity was endured for two weeks. You can fancy the pain of keeping such a secret—the difficulty of guarding against its disclosure by thoughtless or ignorant visitors, &c. But all troubles of this order are now over. After Life's fitful fever, the old man sleeps well.' He was a most amiable, honorable & courteous gentlemen, and death came to him, no doubt, as a great relief, from a life in which he had survived all his susceptibilities of pleasure, & all capacities for thought. My family will remain in Charleston now, until October; while I shall dart at intervals from town to country through the summer, watching & regulating the plantation, until the same month, when we propose, with God's permission, to remove all once more to Woodlands. I shall be a resident here mostly, until the first of July, and any letter with which you may favour me, may be addressed me here. If next Spring, you are in the mood to visit the South, with your family, you will, I trust, find us at the plantation, where, I need not say, you will always be sure of a hearty welcome. I did not say that my wife had brought me another daughter. You may inform your wife, by way of hinting what is the true duty of a wife who loves her lord,b that this contribution makes the 12th. that I owe my lady. Of the 13 that I have had, I have, thank God, 8 living, four pair!
Yours very truly
W. Gilmore Simms

'Nash Roach died on Feb. 28.
'Harriet Myddleton Simms was born on Mar. 14.
'See Macbeth, 111, ii, 23: "After life's fitful fever he sleeps well...."'See John Home, Douglas, 1, is "As women wish to be who love their lords."