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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 190 THE SIMMS LETTERS
Charleston So. Caro. June 9. Charles H. Gordon, Esq.
dear Sir:
There is no elaborate life of Sumter. I wrote the sketch of him in the collection published by Carey & Hart, entitled Washington & the Generals of the Revolution. Autographs of Marion, Sumter & Morgan' are exceedingly rare. They would readily command $100 each. I have but a single one of Marion, and know of but one other, & that is, or was, in the collection of Mr. Tefft of Georgia.° Fac similes of it have been taken, but even these are procured now with great difficulty.
Your obt servt. &c
W. Gilmore Simms
[July 17? 1858]' My dear Fields.
I enclose you a couple of trifles which I penned for the Editorial department of the Charleston Mercury. I trust that, in what I say

'Not identified.
'We are unable to determine conclusively whether Simms or Gordon wrote this date.
'Francis Marion, Thomas Sumter, and Daniel Morgan, all generals in the American Revolution.
'In the Catalogue of the Entire Collection of Autographs of the Late Mr. I. K. Tefft, of Savannah, Ga., p. 91, lot 890 is described as "Marion, Gen. Francis, the 'Swamp Fox,' A. L. S., 4to, 1788. Portrait inlaid. Fine specimen."
'The month and year are established by Simms' remarks about the sick members of his family at Sullivan's Island (see note 5, below); the day is probably the 17th, though the 19th is possible (see notes 2 and 5 below).