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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription JANUARY 1859 193
I should be able to suggest certain materials which are not generally known, and which might add something to the claims of the work in more Southern regions.
Very truly
W. Gilmore Simms. 911a : To BRANTZ MAYER
Woodlands, (Midway P.O.) So. Caro. J any. 31. 1859. Hon. Brantz Mayer.
dear Sir:
I have suffered your letter to lie unanswered very long, but my life for the last three or four months, has been one of many distractions, and full of suffering and bitter griefs. Death has been in my household making fearful ravages during the last year. Early in the spring, I lost my venerable father-in-law, who had been endeared to me by the gentlest & most affectionate virtues for more than twenty years; and last autumn, the same cruel enemy of our mortal race, tore from me, in one day, two of the most noble little boys, while three other children barely escaped the same peril, having been sick with the pestilence that devastated our poor city last season.' Since then the marriage of my eldest daughter,' numerous guests all the time, the cares of the plantation, which were all suddenly devolved upon me, have combined to keep me from my desk, & to keep my mind in such a state of distraction that I could sit down to no performance that was not thrust upon me as an
'Both Sydney Roach Simms and Beverley Hammond Simms died of yellow fever on Sept. 22. Chevillette Eliza Simms (see introductory sketch of the Simms family circle) became ill with the disease on Oct. 8. We do not know the exact dates on which Mary Lawson Simms and Govan Singleton Simms (see introductory sketch of the Simms family circle) also contracted yellow fever. See letter to James Henry Hammond of Sept. 24 (897) and following letters.
'Augusta married Edward Roach (see note 225, July 19, 1858 [890]) on Dec. 29. See note 205, July 10, 1858 (887).