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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 196 THE SIMMS LETTERS 916b : To WILLIAM FULLER'
Woodlands. Feb. 26. 1859 My dear Dr.
Do not give yourself any further trouble about the books. I sent you two heavy boxes, via Charleston & wrote to your factor at the time. I trust you have recieved, or will soon recieve them. I still further cherish the hope that you will find them all interesting or instructive, & most of them valuable. I aimed to give you a good variety. Of those that I picked out for you, there are ten or a dozen here, including a nice copy of Gibbon's Decline & Fall, which I could not get into the boxes, and did not wish to make a third box for so small a number. I failed, for the same reason, to put up the remaining volumes of the set of my own writings which I gave you. It is or was my purpose, to wait until I could select you a hundred volumes more, and wish you to count over those I sent & let me know how many you recieve. Before packing, I had selected & counted out more than 500, but before I got through packing, being called off, I lost the run of them, & was too tired to unpack to count. I preferred that you & Washy should have that trouble. When you have counted and will let me know, I propose, unless you should say otherwise, to bring the number up to 600, when I can be justified in making another box. The addition will help to make your library completer, and, as I told you, the money can be paid at your perfect leisure, and I shall leave it entirely to yourself to say when that shall be. I have been to town, unexpectedly. Tell Washy I found Augusta quite comfortably fixed & all well. The

'Dr. William Fuller, of Pocotaligo, Beaufort District, S.C., married Mrs. Simms' cousin, Anna Washington Govan Steele (see note 56, Apr. 30, 1848 [4261) on Mar. 28, 1857.
In William Fuller's account and receipt hook, 1852-1870, now in the South Caroliniana Library, is a document in Simms' handwriting dated July 21, 1863, which states that Fuller is to pay him $503.75 for a note "with interest," $350.00 for "cash lent, with interest from date [July 21, 18631," and $450.00 "being the price of a collection of books bought in 1858 & 9""with interest from date." The books, of course, are the ones Simms writes about in this letter.