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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription FEBRUARY 1859 197
Cuthberts were at W. R.'s and in a state of Bay tree flourishing.' Manly & Fishburne R. both doing the excruciating [?] to Miss Rosa.' Wm quite sick & looking very badly. But I suppose she will hear all about the parties from my wife or Augusta.—I am busy here with fencing, ditching, hauling out, scattering, ploughing in, breaking up, laying off—and smoking away care & anxiety. But the season is quite too warm for people & mules, doing the heavy labours which belong to it. Still we must hope, pray & work on. By the way, I must not forget to inform you that Edward Roach' is in a situation which will specially enable him to serve planters. He is in a miscellaneous auction establishment, where every thing is sold, and where the sales must be forced. The consequence is that things sell surprisingly cheap. I bought, for example, plantation fish, at 62 cents per barrel, which only two months ago, I paid $3.50 for it retail. Pickled & corned beef, and bacon, of good quality, sometimes sells at 3 & 4 cents a pound. I bought ale, at 1.12. a dozen pints—bottles & all—Scotch ale.—I also bought two boxes, one dozen each, of Brandy—labelled Dupuy & Co Otardat $2.50 per box of 1 doz Qts. very nicely & even handsomely put up. Of course, it is an imitation, but it is a better article than we pay $4 & 5 for on draught, and better than some of the hotels sell at 10 cents a drink. At $2.50 per doz., it is less than 21 cents a bottle. Now, if you will write to Ed. to buy for you certain articles, which you shall mention, in certain quantities, I have no doubt that you can save 90 per ct in feeding your negroes, & get articles for your own family use, of infinite cheapness, quite as good as you buy at retail. He sometimes buys for his own family.—One other subject: tell Washy, I am sorry to say that my wife has definitively settled to spend her summer in Charleston, this season. We both regret the necessity, but she considers it one. Believe me, neither of us would willingly go any where else than with you, & Washy,

William Roach (see note 59, Feb. 28, 1859 [917]) was the brother of Edward Roach, Augusta Simms' husband (see letter to Tefft of July 19, 1858 [890]). The Cuthberts are the family of William Roach's wife, Fanny Cuthbert, of Beaufort.
B. Manley Roach, brother of Edward and William Roach, and William Fishbume Roach, nephew of Nash Roach (see note 178, May 14, 1867 [12511). Miss Rosa is probably Rosa Aldrich (see note 48, May 4. 1857 [845]).
Augusta's husband.