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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription SEPTEMBER 1859 205
narrative of your life, education, studies & performances, as you care to put before the reader. Dates are to be remembered where possible, & the full titles of the books you have published. Will you do me the favor to ask Professor La Borde to send me a similar report of himself.' Pray do these things as soon as possible, & oblige
Your friend & Servt. W. Gilmore Simms.

Is Col. W. C. Preston in town,—or where? And who, in Columbia, would prepare me a notice of him?'
Charleston, Sep. 12. 1859.
Professor Rivers. My dear Professor.
Thinking it probable that by the time this letter reaches Columbia, you will have returned to it, or will soon return, I propose to just thank you for your satisfactory letter, of which I will try to make judicious use, by a brief and simple narrative, & not render you ridiculous by the employment of any superlatives. I wrote to Dr. Longstreet,' and sent messages to others, in Columbia, but have not yet been honored with any answer. Your mind seems to be in right tone, as regards as yourself and your relations with society. Keep it so. It is the wretched misfortune of most men, of any endowments, that they never get at any right notion of their true claims upon society. Their lives consequently are a long conflict with their own position, & a vain & miserable struggle after one
'For Maximilian LaBorde, at this time professor of metaphysics at the South Carolina College, see note 52, June 17, 1842 (137).
'William Campbell Preston had retired as president of the South Carolina College in 1851.
'Augustus Baldwin Longstreet (see introductory sketch) was at this time president of the South Carolina College.