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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 206 THE SIMMS LETTERS
which the world never suffers them to attain. In my labours & life, I have pursued a similar course to yourself; trying to do those things which I fancied I could do best, and never troubling myself about the result, so far as this contemplated human awards. I go on working, briefly, without much heed to the profit or the loss. Sup-pose me very hard at work at this moment, and only writing to acknowledge your prompt attention & to say that I am, as ever,
truly Yours &c
W. Gilmore Simms
Monday Mg. Oct. 10. 1859. My dear Mr. Middleton.
I have had left at the shop of Russell & Jones,' your copy of the Antiquitates Americanae,' for the use of which be pleased to recieve my thanks. It will not, I suppose, be inconvenient to you to suffer your servant to seek it there. I am just on the wing for the plantation whither I remove to day. One word on a different subject. Some of my friends have been speaking of you for public life. They even felt disposed to nominate you for the mayoralty. While I would not commend to you such a place, it strikes me that, with your historical
'Middleton (1809–1883) was the son of Henry Middleton of Middleton Place, near Charleston. He was educated at Brook Green in England and in Paris, and for many years was an attache of the American Legation in Russia. On returning to South Carolina he resided at Middleton Place. He was a signer of the Ordinance of Secession and aided with laborers and materials in strengthening the defences of Charleston and repairing Fort Sumter. Union troops burned his house in 1864.
'The bookstore of Russell and Jones was located on King Street. For John Russell, see introductory sketch; for his partner, James C. Jones, see note 78, April 2, 1850 (529).
'Antigvitates Americana?; Sive, Scriptores Septenrionales Return Ante-Columbiananun in America. Samling of de i Nor dens Oldskrifter Indeholdte Efterretninger om de Gamle Nord Boers OpdageLsesreiser til America fra det til IOde det 14d Aarhundrede. Edidit Societas Regia Antigvariorum Septentrionalium (Hafniae: Typis Officinae Schultzianae, 1837). This work, relating to the discovery of America by the Northmen, prints the texts of sagas in Icelandic with Danish and Latin translations and copious notes by the editor, Carl Christian Rafn (1795–1864).