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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription MARCH 1860 209
it is now attainable. There are some lithographs of his autograph, but I can think of but one person who can supply these, & that is my friend Tefft of Savannah, Geo. one of the greatest autograph mongers in the world. From him you may procure it. I would oblige you if I could; the thing is impossible. With real regret that I cannot yield a more satisfactory answer, I am, Sir, Your obt Servt. &c
W. Gilmore Simms.
WOODLANDS, S. C. March 22, 1860.
Hon. A. B. Longstreet, Dear Sir: I owe to you the original MS. biography which you were so good as to send me, and beg you to accept my thanks for your polite attention. I did not previously answer your letter, as I desired to be able to report that the material had all been arranged and sent on to the publishers. This is now done. I have written to Messrs. Appleton to abridge as little as possible. In preparing your material, I separated the matter relating to William Longstreet and made that into a separate article pre-ceding yours, as it seemed to me to merit a place for itself.'
Yours very truly and respectfully,

'We have not located the original of this letter. Our text is from Oscar Penn Fitzgerald'sJudge Longstreet. A Life Sketch (Nashville, Tenn.: Printed for the Author, 1891), p. 199. We want to thank Professor Mary Ann Wimsatt, of Southwest Texas State University, for bringing this letter to our attention.
'William Longstreet (c. 1760-1814), an important inventor, was the father of Augustus Baldwin Longstreet. In Appleton's Cyclopa?dia an article is devoted to each of them.