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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 210 THE SIMMS LETTERS
Thursday Night March 22 [1860]' My dear Dr.
Since writing the accompanying scrawl, my wife instructs me to say that if you will send Wm. with the Horses to meet us on Tuesday next to Bell's, we shall be with you on Wednesday, starting early that morning, & making Bell's by 12.m. if possible, on Wednesday 28th. inst. Let me do my wife the justice to say that she has been greatly distressed at not being able to be with Washy; but this is the first day or two that the House has been free of guests this winter.' Mattie Steele has just left us hurried down by Express, as her husband is reported to be in perilous condition.' I am better. I shall only remain with you long enough to kiss the baby, a huge boy by the way, if not pair of them, & then go to Charleston to get money to pay taxes.
God bless you all four. W. G. S.

P. S. Did you learn that my poor friend Lawson has lost his favorite son—my Godson—named after me, & a most lovely promising boy of 11. The good old man—it is the first child that he has lost—is almost distraught. My dear friend, set your heart on nothing mortal! The most precious things are the first to be taken from us!
'Dated by Simms' remarks about the death of William Gilmore Simms Lawson, who died on Mar. 5. See letter to Lawson of Mar. 11, 1860 (971).
'Both Simms and his wife arrived at the Fullers on Mar. 28, the day on which Mrs. Fuller was delivered of a son, Middleton Guerard Fuller. See letter to Lawson of Apr. 9, 1860 (975).
'Martha W. Porcher Steele was the wife of Dr. Edwin Carroll Steele, who died on Jan. 29, 1861. See note 64, Mar. 21, 1860 (972).