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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription OCTOBER 1861 221
night, sent us a message, saying that she had seen him, & that he was well. He carried off with him my last pistol & my Bowie knife,
& Mr. C. Rivers got from me my pocket pistols. I am accordingly almost weaponless, especially as Edward Roach has my deer gun, Mr. Leland Rivers' my rifle, & Mr. C. Rivers, my new small shot-gun. Under these deficiencies let me beg you to bring up with you my duelling pistols, especially as I suppose the Dr. has no time for using them. I need something of the sort now, to assure myself of a weapon in the event of trouble. You may write to the Dr. that my expectations of a crop will, I fear, disappoint me. I have packed 36 Bales, but the Cotton threatens to run short. What with a change of seasons, and the effects of the storm, which was here severely felt, I can hardly calculate to make more that 70 bags,
& will be well satisfied if it runs to 80. We shall have plenty of corn, meagre of potatoes, &c. Rice will fall short. We are drinking Rye coffee—so prepare yourself. I bought 6 lbs of Tea, but white sugar is now getting very scarce, and is selling, I am told, at 35 cents! Molasses has got to 55. Flour, fortunately is cheap. Candles
& soap dear. Our young ducks are dying of distemper. Chickens few. I have been trying to make vinegar of may apples. Nous verrons. I have also tried at a bbl. of persimmon wine. Still,—nous verrons. Jamison has finished his new house—a very fine one; and now quite full with the addition of Mrs. Jenkins & 4 children.4 Frank C. & wife5 visit us occasionally, but spend most of their time at the Clear Ponds. Charles was over here a few mornings ago, & Aunt Sarah has paid us a visit.' Fishbume Roach has moved to Dr. F.'s where

'A. W. Leland Rivers, born on James Island, S.C., in 1826 and buried at Midway in 1892, is listed in the 1860 census for Barnwell District as a blacksmith. Perhaps he was a relative of Christopher McKinney Rivers, of Bamberg. We want to thank Margaret Lawrence of Bamberg for sending us this information about Leland Rivers.
For David Flavel Jamison, see introductory sketch. His eldest daughter, Caroline Harper, was the wife of Micah Jenkins. See note 275, c. Nov. 23, 1860 (1013).
'Dr. Francis Fishbume Carroll married Julia Peeples Reynolds in 1861. See note 141, May 23, 1859 (930).
6Charles Rivers Carroll and his wife Sarah Fishbume Carroll. See note 147, Aug.? 1861 (1057).