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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 222 THE SIMMS LETTERS
he is to practice.' Mrs. P.S has got home. She makes a good crop as usual. In our immediate neighborhood all is quiet. There is no row, no scandal, no nothing. We stagnate. Mary, your sister,' was here last week. All with her as usual. Even Bamberg offers few or no subjects for gossiping. If there be any, my wife, who will write to you today, will tell you all. What has the Dr. done about negro clothes & shoes? I am about to tan leather to make our shoes. None can be bought, at present, in Charleston. Negro clothes, except domestics, are not to be had; and domestics, with a streak of wool in them, are 70 cents. We are about starting the old loom once more, and have bought yarn. What have you done with your wool? Better sell it, if you have enough to make a show, and buy cotton stuffs for the negroes. Give these hints to the Dr. I write them chiefly for his benefit. We have run through two club seasons, 16 weeks, this summer; and last Saturday, the last season was over. We killed a Beef for the negroes Saturday, saving a few rounds for ourselves, which were good. Yesterday, Sunday, we had fish from the river—trout & perch (Johnson) our own beef, & half a mutton from Jamison—Roast & boil. Never rains, says my wife, but it pours. Today, fresh mutton, beef & fish; tomorrow,—peas porridge hot—peas porridge cold,—& the other dish for the Duke of Hoppin John! But you will tire of this twattle. I leave my wife to tell you what else she finds in her budget, & am, as Ever,
truly Yours W. G. S.

'Dr. William Fishbume Roach was the nephew of Dr. Francis Beatty Fishbume. See note 178, May 14, 1867 (1251), note 147. Aug.' 1861 (1057), and note 36, May 3, 1864 (1096).
Probably Mrs. Hopson Pinckney. See note 34, May 3, 1864 (1096). 'Mary Govan Steele Rivers (Mrs. Christopher McKinney Rivers).