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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 224 THE SIMMS LETTERS
on Govt.' would constitute a vol. per se, and be a proper book for schools & colleges. We should prepare Histories, in single volumes, of the several States, biographies of Washington, Jefferson, Randolph, Calhoun & others, with selections from their writings & speeches. These should be compressed into single volumes of port-able size.6 In respect to your proposed vol. of verse occasioned by the war, & occasioning it, you are probably not aware that I have been a frequent contributor to the Mercury. You will find also in my vol. called "Areytos &c." published in October last, a variety of things designed to stir up the soul of the South to the assertion of its independence. See for example, the poems at pp. 12—52—55—63—98—110—113—116 (which may be called The Battle of Manassas)—142—151—180—185—193 (To Maryland) 223—302—385—&c.7 In the Mercury were pieces entitles "The Soul of the South,""Kentucky required to deliver up her arms", & several other things—song & sonnet." If you have not got & desire them, I may be able to procure you copies. I sent a copy of my "Areytos" to the Messenger, & you may procure it from the Editor.9 Or, if you will write in my name to Russell & Jones of Charleston & tell them that I request they will send you a copy, they will do so, by express, for which you will have to pay some trifle. Timrod & Hayne have both written some fine things on the occasion, the former especially.

'A Series of Lectures on the Science of Government; Intended to Prepare the Student for the Study of the Constitution of the United States, first published by Carey and Hart, Philadelphia, in 1845.
'Simms' plan W;a. not carried out.
'Simms's Poems Areytos or Songs and Ballads of the South with Other Poems was published in 1860, not in 1861, as Simms here says. The poems he refers to are as follows: "Make Gay the Spear with Flowers,""Death, But Never Dishonor!,""Well, Let Them Sing Their Heroes,""Elegiac.—It Is the Cause,""Let the Bugle Blow,""Ye Sons of Carolina,""We've Sung and We've Danced,""Battle Ode.—A Tyrtaean.—For Music,""If Not Ready,""The Liberty Tree,""Battle Hymn.—Now Raise the Mighty Song!,""Battle Hymn.—Columns, Steady!,""Friends Are Nigh,""Forget Not the Trophy,""Joy! Joy! For the Day-Star!," and "The Spirit of the Land," pp. 12-14, 52, 55, 63-64, 98-99, 110-111, 113, 116-123, 142, 151-152, 180-181, 185-187, 193, 223, 302-303, 385-386.
For "The Soul of the South. An Ode" and several other poems published by Simms in the Mercury, see note 1, Jan., 1862! (1066). "Kentucky Required to Yield Her Arms" was published under the pseudonym "Boone" in the Mercury of Oct. 10, 1861.
George William Bagby.