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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 228 THE SIMMS LETTERS
work would be desirable to you, not only because of its real merits, & the novelty of its material, but in a lower respect, as it helps to make up a table of contents monthly, which, I feel sure is not easily done at a period like this, when most of our young writers, like our friend Cooke, have exchanged the pen for the Sword.' By the way, convey to him my loving regards. May he soon, like myself, get back to the old vocation. The war has ruined me. I take for granted that my plates & Copyrights, worth from 25 to 35000 Dollars are all confiscate—the brain-sweat of nearly 40 years. I derived from 1200 to 2000 per ann. from Copyrights. I am cut off from every copper of this; and Cotton can't sell; and I am prepared to burn in the event any of further progress of the enemy into our country. Tell Cooke to take notice and prepare himself for a future history of the war in Virginia, & elswhere, if he pleases. I will prompt him as to the facts in S. C.4 Can you or he procure me a quart or two of Leaf Tobacco seed. I wish to give it my negroes in order that they may raise the article for their own consumption. If you can procure, send it by express to me, "Care of Leland Rivers, Express Agent, Midway Depot, S. C." Whatever cost & charge you may be at, advise me, & it shall be forwarded. It is probable that I shall send you other articles, i.e. if you really need them: but I shrink from the task of copying, unless the matter be really wanted.—I do not despair of the Confederacy,—for the simple reason that I believe in God!—You will readily perceive the sequent relation in this logic. The curse of a democratic govemmt. is and always has been, the incompetence of men in office. War, which purges society, through its instinct of danger, is necessary every thirty years, to every people who claim to rule themselves. Our govt. and army will be purged by its fiery processes in due season. Till then we may expect reverses. The opinion is gradually growing that Davis is one of those men who would be envious of a corporal's exploit, in
'Jamison's The Life and Times of Bertrand du Guesclin: A History of the Fourteenth Century, dedicated to Simms, was published in ' vols. by John Russell, Charleston, in 1864. The cop\ Jamison presented to Simms is owned by Mary C. Simms Oliphant.
'John Esten Cooke did not write a history of the war.