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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription MAY 1862 231
capital, a handsome independence for each of your daughters with-out seriously affecting your capital & resources; & a handsome support may be conveyed to them, either through stocks or real estate. But, after considering all the probabilities of the war, my conclusion is that you should invest for them, in real estate, at some point remote from the Seaboard. You might get for each of them a homestead, a fine farm, near Kalmia, if it so pleases you, though I should counsel a tract & settlements in the neighbourhood of Greenville or Spartanburg, or York. I do not know but that the latter place would be preferable. Here, or at either of these places, 10 or 20,000 dollars, invested for either of them, through the intervention of trustees,—and I recommend Petigru & Perry4 for this purpose—would be a judicious investment of some of your surplus stock. Upon this place or places, you could place a few negroes, and they will probably be secure. The most important matter now is to gain time. Charleston sacrificed, the State may be made secure; & though you lose your houses in the city, you would save your stocks, which, I suspect, constitute the largest portion of your fortune. I fully believe that if we fight it out in Charleston, even to the utter destruction of the city, we shall save the State. In doing so, we save the money & the stocks. The Yankees have nearly exhausted themselves; but their superiority along the Sea-board will sustain them. When they find us in earnest, however,—even to the destruction of our cities, they must collapse. They will then despair, as they will see in our readiness to sacrifice our possessions, the determination never to coalesce with them again, but rather to welcome any fate than reunion. But, as I began this letter with the single purpose which is already stated, I will content myself with saying that I find all safe & well at home,—content with our cabinned, cribbed, confined domain, but with the hope of emerging
James Louis Petigru and Benjamin Franklin Perry. Sec introductory sketches.