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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription MAY 1862 233
singularly large body of valuable Historical Documents, mostly of the Revolution, gathered from a variety of sources. These documents have been little used. I have made notes of them, & examined them carefully, but as yet have made few draughts upon their con-tents. They consist of papers of Marion, Gadsden, Maham, Henry & John Laurens, Rutledge'& a variety of other persons. There are four folio volumes, which I had interleaved & bound, with notes, and a large mass besides. I have thought of you as the properest custodian of these treasures, as you perhaps will better appreciate their value, than any other person I know. I shall be willing that you should examine & take notes of their contents; and it is my farther idea, and was long since, that you & I, at some future, more auspicious period, might jointly prepare them for the press. I had proposed Lives of Henry & John Laurens, for example, with selections from their correspondence & a running commentary, in which we might mutually engage.' And the collection will afford us other topics, in the brief biography, & papers for the Historical Society. The materials are very rich. There is a large body of the letters of R. H. Lee, Steuben, DeKalb,4 &c. Now, have you room for these papers, and will you be willing to recieve & take care of them should the pressure of circumstances force me to send them off. Should the enemy penetrate thus far, I should be compelled to seek refuge for my family in the interior. I should wish to save my library & MS.S. The former will nearly reach 10.000 volumes, the latter, if published, would make 50. But my first regard is for these valuable old Documents. Can't you run down & see me? I can provide you with hog & hominy, & can shake down some fresh straw for you, as a bed, or procure you one at General Jamison's who is my next door neighbour, & has ample room. You are aware that my poor

'Gen. Francis Marion (c. 1732—1795), Gen. Christopher Gadsden (1724—1805), Lt. Col. Hezekiah Maham (1739-1789), Henry Laurens (1724-1792), Col. John Laurens (1754—1782), and John Rutledge (1739—1800), all soldiers or statesmen of the American Revolution.
In 1867 the Bradford Club, New York, published The Army Correspondence of Colonel John Laurens in the Years 1777—8: Now First Printed from Original Letters Addressed to His Father Henry Laurens, President of Congress, with a Memoir by Wm. Gilmore Simms.
'Richard Henry Lee (1732-1794), Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin von Steuben (1730—1794), and Johann Kalb, "Baron de Kalb" (1721—1780), Revolutionary soldiers.