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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 234 THE SIMMS LETTERS
old house is in ruins, and that I am living al fresco.—There is another matter. Mrs. Martins has been gathering materials for a collection of Carolina Poets. She lately told me that she had transferred these materials to Professor Reynolds,6 but that she doubted, if he had done any thing with them. I counselled her to secure you as a coadjutor of Reynolds. If this arrangement can be made, with your industry you might soon get the collection under weigh, and it might be published by subscription, the funds & sample copies being given to our soldiers.' Pray think of this. Let me hear from you as soon as convenient, as I greatly desire to be doing & to lose no time.
Yours very truly
W. Gilmore Simms

P.S. How does real estate sell in Columbia? Are houses to be bought, out of the corporate limits, in healthy situations, with a few acres of farming ground about them.
Woodlands Sep. 5 [1864] My dear Paul.
I am engaged, inter nos, in editing for Southern boys and girls, a new edition of the English Mother Goose. I am making it as original as possible, that is to say, adapting it to Southern life,
'Margaret Maxwell Martin, of Columbia, S.C., author of several volumes of religious prose and verse. See note 272, c. Nov. 23, 1860 (1013).
'James Lawrence Reynolds. See introductory sketch.
This collection was not published.
'In The Letters of William Gilmore Simms, V, 11, we printed this letter from a typescript in the Duke University Library. The original, from which we here take our text, has the date "Sep. 5" in Simms' handwriting and the year "1867" in the handwriting of someone else. Whoever made the typescript now at Duke read the date as "Feb 5 1867" and typed it as Simms'; we, therefore, accepted it, though at the time we were dissatisfied with Simms' reference to Timrod's "boy forthcoming" in a letter so dated. The correct year is established by this reference (see note 3, below).