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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription AUGUST 1866 245
published in Griswold's International Magazine.' These were made 20 years ago, & are thought to be very good presentments of the subject at that date. As respects my appearance, I am free to say, I am quite indifferent (which I ought not to be) but it is your policy to exhibit your bears, or lions, under the most favorable aspects.—When will you commence your "Sunny Side Series." I think you do wisely in choosing that title.6 I shall be glad to see you beginning and shall rejoice to learn that you succeed. This will depend wholly upon the degree of dash, novelty, and general ability which you employ. It will be in my power, I modestly think, to prepare as soon as the Summer is over,—and I think of doing it—a series of novellettes, which shall be unique and fresh—distinguished by passion [illegible] and, perhaps, fun & frolic.' You may think it strange, but my penchant for humor, fun & gaiety, is always more active when my sadness is most pressing; so that, I tell my friends, if you find my letters lively, you may conclude that I am at my saddest. But this is sorry egotism.
I think, my dear Mr. Ellis, that you and Mr. Chapman are both perfectly aware of the importance, to me, of realizing, from my poor brain all the pecuniary results possible, and that you will take care to let me have my quid, —in part, at least—before I depart for the South. Will you be so good as to say in what manner this shall be done? You were to pay me $100 by the 20th Augt. and the remaining $100 by the 20th Sept. How, & on whom, shall I draw? Advise me, if you please, of all necessary particulars.

'This engraving accompanies a biographical sketch of Simms in the International Magazine, V (Mar. 1, 1852), 433—435 (see note 50, Mar. 10, 1851 1570]). It was made from the same daguerreotype by George S. Cook that was engraved for The New American Cyclopaedia (see note I, Jan. 1, 1858 [856b[). This engraving of Simms is reproduced facing p. 198 of Vol. IV of The Letters of William Gilmore Simms.
°°Sunny Side" is of course the name of Washington Irving's home.
The only work Simms published in the series is The Ghost of My Husband. A Tale of the Crescent City (New York: Chapman & Company, [1866]). It had earlier been published under the title Marie De Bemiere: A Tale of the Crescent City (Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo, and Co., 1853).