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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription AUGUST 1867 255 1256a : To WILLIAM HAWKINS FERRIS'
Charleston, June 27. '67 My dear Ferris.
Enclosed I send you two photographs of Mary Lawson. One of these for Mrs. Ferris, & the other for Mrs. Bockee.' Mrs. F. will take her choice, &, this done, send the other to Mrs. Bockee. I have no time to write, being up to my eyes in toils, mostly for other people. But you shall be advised duly when I have decided upon our departure.' Five Northern mails due.
Yours &c.
W. Gilmore Simms. 1266a : To MARY LAWSON SIMMS
Brooklyn, 23 Aug. [1867]' My dear Baby.
Since writing you yesterday, I recieved another letter from your sister,'' the contents of which will interest you. The precarious condition of Mary Rivers is painfully evident, and in these repeated

'See introductory sketch.
'Isabella Smith Donaldson Bockee, wife of John Jacob Bockee. See introductory sketch.
'Simms and his daughter Mary Lawson sailed for New York City on the Manhattan on July 13, arrived on July 16, and went almost immediately to visit the Lawsons in Yonkers. On Aug. 1 they removed to the Ferrises in Brooklyn. See letter to Duyckinck of July 6 (1260) and following letters.
'Mary Lawson Simms accompanied her father on his visits to the North in 1867, 1868, and 1869, but the date of this letter is established by his reference to the illness of Mary Rivers (see note 3, below). On July 29 Simms had written to William Gilmore Simms, Jr. (1263), that on Aug. 15 he and Mary Lawson were "to proceed to the Sherwoods & Kellogg's at Berkshire. There I propose to leave M. L. for some weeks. ..." The letter is addressed to Mary Lawson, "Care of Wm. Sherwood Esq. Great Barrington, Massachusetts."'Chevillette Simms Rowe, the wife of Donald Jacob Rowe. See introductory sketch of the Simms family circle and note 7, Jan. 8. 1867 (1217).