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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription SEPTEMBER 1867 257
New York, Sep. 20. [186712 Gentlemen.
Yours of the 17th. reached me yesterday. It finds me about to run up the north river to day, in compliance with a previous invitation. I shall accordingly be able to do nothing to day, and another engagement, for tomorrow, will equally serve to keep me from the desk. I have besides the completion of another literary labour on hand, which I had calculated to conclude next week;' and my farther plans contemplated my departure for South Carolina, by the 5th. proxo. You will see from these details, that I can only accomplish any thing for you, before reaching home, by a tour de force. Even when I shall reach home, I have unavoidable duties which will somewhat embarrass, if not impair the value of, my efforts for your paper. Still, I hope to do you justice & contribute duly to the satisfaction of your readers. On Monday next, I shall begin to work for you, and I shall probably send you day by day, sufficient matter for successive days to your printer. Something may be sent you on Monday.4 Before I can fairly lay myself out for your work, as I could wish, it will need that I should be at home, at

'Eugene Lemoine Didier, chiefly remembered as a biographer of Poe, founded Southern Society (Baltimore), a weekly which ran from Oct. 5, 1867, through Mar. 28, 1868. Since Simms in this letter speaks of "the Editors of Southern Society," apparently William J. McClellan had already joined Didier as coeditor and co-proprietor. With the issue for Jan. 4, 1868, Peter Morse tamed the firm. See note 214, c. July 6, 1867 (1261).
Dated by Simms' remarks about Southern Society.
'"Joscelyn: A Tale of the Revolution," published in the Old Guard. V (Jan.–Dec. 1867), 1-17, 91-103, 161-176, 241-260, 321-339, 401-421, 481-500, 561-567, 668-681, 731-745, 517-834, 897-935.
'Sept. 23. Before leaving for South Carolina on Oct. 5 Simms sent Southern Society the following editorials: "Southern Society," 1 (Oct. 5), 4. "What of the South?," and "A Republic of Letters," I (Oct. 12), 12. He also sent some "book notices," probably those published in I (Oct. 5 and Oct. 12), 6, 15, and at least one poem, "Among the Ruins," I (Oct. 19), 21. See letters to Didier and McClellan of Sept. 26 (12716) and Oct. 2 (1273).