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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 258 THE SIMMS LETTERS
ease, and free from these excitements, whether of business or society, which now distract my mind & absorb so much of my time. You do not give me the name of your firm, and I can accordingly address you only as the Editors of Southern Society; but does this address reach your Publisher & Proprietors also? Please advise me.
Yours respectfully W. Gilmore Simms.

P. S. A few of your prospectus's might be sent me here, but it will not be much in my way to do any thing with them here. When I shall reach Charleston, I will cheerfully undertake the distribution of them. Your cohort of contributors is sufficiently strong for success.' If contributors do their duty to themselves & the Publishers to the public, there can be little doubt of your success. The chief embarrassment in your way will [be] the great lack of means among our unhappy people, who may well be permitted to ignore the claims of literature, while goaded by the want of bread!
New York: Sep. 26. [1867]' Gentlemen.
I send you the accompanying article, as an introduction, & to see how you will like it.' I shall possibly send you something more tomorrow, and will do what I can for you, under the circumstances in which I find myself at present. I am preparing to return to South Carolina & propose to depart on Saturday, the 5th. Oct. in the Steamer Champion for Charleston. Closing rivets up here, packing up, seeing friends & paying last visits will consume a great deal of my time, and I shall not be prepared to harness myself fully for your
The "Prospectus of Southern Society" lists among its contributors Simms, John Esten Cooke, Paul Hamilton Havne, Henry Timrod, John Reuben Thompson, Henry Lynden Flash, Augusta Jane Evans, Sidney Lanier, and Oliver P. Baldwin. 1271h
'At the top ,'I the MS. of this letter one of the editors wrote "a. Oct. 5/67."'Southern Society," published in the first number of the periodical. See note 4, Sept. 20 (1271a).