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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
[October 10, 1867]
Ed'rs Southern Society. Gentlemen.
Poor Timrod is dead. In a day or two I hope to prepare for you an editorial on the subject,—something like a biography, &c. Keep space for it.' How would you like a Juvenile Dept.? I can send you, weekly, a few things, suited to the young, having prepared a "South-ern Mother Goose" during the war—all fresh & original, & illustrative of objects & interests in the South chiefly. It was in press at Columbia, & more than 25 illustrations made for it, when Sher-man destroyed the publishers & press together. I saved the M.S. & some of the illustrations.' Please forward me two copies of each of your issues from the first. I have not seen your first. In haste, but truly. Your obt. servt.
W. Gilmore Simms. P.S. (Over)

P.S. I left N. Y. on Saturday last, and am for the present in Charleston. Next Saturday I shall probably run up to my plantation for a few days. My address for some time will be Charleston, S.
'Timrod died on Oct. 6. Simms did not wait "a day or two" to write an editorial on his friend: The Late Henry Timrod," published in Southern Society, 1 (Oct. 19), 18-19, was sent to the editors the same day that he wrote this letter (see note 276, Oct. 10 112751). On the MS. of this letter one of the editors wrote "a Oct. 12."'Simms'"Southern Mother Goose" was in the pre.s of Evans and Cgswell, Columbia (see note 88, Nov. 8, 1864 111071), when the city was burned by Sherman's army. From Dec. 1865 through the first part of 1867 Simms with the aid of Duyckinck tried unsuccessfully to find a publisher for the work, then called the "American Mother Goose" (see letter to Duyckinck of Dec. 19, 1865 [11421, and following letters to Duyckinck). The MS. of at least part of it is in the Charles Carroll Simms Collection, South Caroliniana Library.