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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 268 THE SIMMS LETTERS
which can be had for $3000 to $4000 at private sale. The region is admirable for grapes & peaches, figs & other fruits. The proprietor of an adjoining farm has sold more than $10,000 in peaches, to New York, in a single year. The proprietor of this place, besides giving away large quantities, has realized in one year from $2000 to $3000 from peaches in New York, and this with no sort of experience as a farmer. Large quantities of wine are produced here annually. The dwelling, with all necessary outbuildings including a fine conservatory, is a handsome edifice, frame, of two stories, and comparatively new. The owner, a retired lawyer, who during the War was worth a quarter of a million has, in his old age, been compelled to resume his profession, but his once immense practice is not recoverable, and he finds it difficult to live & pay his taxes on real estate in Charleston. To pursue his profession, he has had to leave his suburban [home], and return to that city.' Were I able, I should take all risks, and buy this property myself. But I am helpless. When I add that the region of this farm is singularly healthy, & the resort annually of hundreds of invalids from the North, you will readily concieve the degree of sacrifice which will be made of the property by any such price." You ask touching an opening in our region. The question, in reply, is what do you propose? Such a work as yours, not depending upon the great city or the caprices of fashion, may be conducted—no matter where issued from the press—from any editorial location you may choose. You know Derby, the Publisher.8 He has bought in this very neighbourhood. See him & enquire. When you tell him that the property in question is at Kalmia, two miles from Aiken, a mile or two from Graniteville—a large successful manufacturing village—two or three miles from Kaolin, another manufacturing village, and but 12 or 13 miles from the city of Augusta, you may concieve, & he describe, the advantages & attractions, as well as the susceptabilities of such a place. When, in addition, I mention that Redmond9 told me that he had sold (living fifteen miles off) in one season, more
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