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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 270 THE SIMMS LETTERS
ers, winegrowers, chemists and art workers. I mention these de-tails, not with the view to persuade you to any step, but to possess you of all necessary facts. You are also within 8 or 9 hours by Rail-way of Charleston. Let me advise you to see Derby, late Publisher, in New York. He has bought, as I say, in this very neighbourhood, & can go more into detail than I do. And he has bought, I under-stand, with distinct reference to the superior sanitary & salubruous character of the region. I have been told that he proposes the cultivation of the grape, the peach and other fruits. Rid us of mongrelianism & the Negro, and this would be as healthy & happy a region as Tempe in Arcadia as in the days, or nights, when Diana came down to Endymion.
New York August 14 1868 Hon. Arthur W. Austin.
My dear friend. You see by this that I am almost within hand-shaking distance of you—700 miles nearer at all events. I write simply to mention the fact & to remind you of my continued existence, & my continued & grateful remembrance. Of my plans for the summer, I can say nothing specifically just now. I am now, with my daughter Mary, a guest of my old friend, Lawson, at Yonkers. Towards the close of the month my daughter proposes to visit some of our old friends at Great Barrington, Berkshire. I shall take her there (D. V.) and after a day or two, there leave her till some time in September. My hope is also to be able to run for a week to Boston, or rather Roxbury;—i.e. if all is well with you. Let me hope that such is the case.' Meanwhile, it is not impossible that
'This letter is written on stationery that carries Lawson's letterhead (see note 1, Oct. 5, 1867 [1273a1); Simms tore off all but New York 18."'On Sept. 5 Simms took his daughter to Great Barrington to visit William K. Sherwood and the Misses Kellogg. He left her there, went to visit Austin at West Roxbury, near Boston, and returned to New York City on Sept. 16. Mary Lawson went to Boston to visit Austin and his daughter, Florence, in late Sept., and she and her father returned to South Carolina in Oct. See Simms' other letters written during this time.