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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription AUGUST 1868 271
you will be occasionally visiting New York. If so, you will hear of me, perhaps see me almost daily at Lawson's office 62 Wall Street;—Mr. Lawson begging me to assure you that he will not only be glad to welcome you there, but, at your pleasure, at his seat at Yonkers. Commend me gratefully to Mr. & Mrs. W. to Mamselle Florence, and the young gentlemen.'
Yours as ever faithfully W. Gilmore Simms.
1315b : To JOSEPH HENRY'
Yonkers, New York. Augt. 25. 1868. Professor Joseph Henry.
My dear Professor.
I trust that the terrible events of the last few years have not totally obliterated me from your memory, or, in any way, altered the grateful relations that once existed between us. In this hope, amounting almost to conviction, I presume to commend to your attention & that of your family, my friend, Mr. Thomas Sandford, of New York, and his graceful and amiable wife, the daughter of one of my oldest friends, who are about to pay a brief visit to Washington.' They will stay but a few days, & will naturally desire

5"Mrs. W." is Harriet Whiting Willard, the widowed mother of Austin's late wife, Ellen Maria; "Mr. W." is doubtless one of Ellen Maria Willard Austin's three brothers, Sidney Algernon, Paul, and Timothy Whiting (see note 172, Sept. 17, 1868 113201).
'Henry (see note 1, Jan. 9, 1858 18581) was at this time director of the Smithsonian Institution. On the back of this letter is a note signed "Leech?": "This gentleman called and wished me to express his regret at not being able to see Prof Henry; his wife did not accompany him." In his letter to Henry of Dec. 5, 1868 (1331), Simms again recommends the Sandfords if they pay "any future visit to Washington."'James Lawson's daughter Mary had married Thomas Sarjeant Sandford on Oct. 26, 1865. See The Letters of William Gilmore Simms, IV, v—vi.