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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 274 THE SIMMS LETTERS
Woodlands, S. C.
May 13. 1869.
My dear Paul. I do not know whether I owe you a letter or not;
but I think not. Still, I have been so great a sufferer from severe
illness at four successive periods during the last eight weeks, that
I can be certain of nothing, especially as I have had to write so
much & to so many.' I have terribly overworked myself, having
written since the 22 Oct. last, two elaborate prose fictions of the
usual dimensions,' to say nothing of smaller pieces, and of a mon-
strous correspondence. I saw your boy' in town for a little while,
and heard about you, all that he knew I suppose; though I was little
in the vein for making a cross-examination. He told me, and I had
learned something of your writings for the periodicals, most of which
have cheated you, I take for granted, or paid you so little that
compensation was only another name for mockery. I knew that
such would be the case with Southern Opinion, & I presume that
Southern Society & Home Journal, have all treated you as they
have done me. I told your son, repeating counsel which I have
often given to yourself, to address your pen to prose writing as that
province alone which might properly compensate you. Poetry, no
matter how good soever, holds forth no attractions to the Magazine
publisher in America, unless coupled with some notorious name.
But if you would write a series of sketches like your Skepter Jogul
(?) or rewrite that, you could sell to Putnam, Lippincott & Harper
very readily.' Short tales, & sketches of that class are always popular.
'Hayne had written to Simms on Apr. 25 saying that it has been more than six weeks since he has heard from him. Hayne's letter is printed in McKeithan, A Collection of Hayne Letters, pp. 213-215, from the original in the Ferris Collection, Columbia University Library.
2"Voltmeier" (see note 3, Mar. 9, 1868 II293a]) and "The Cub of the Panther," published in the Old Guard (see note 191, Oct. 29, 1868 [13271).
`William Hamilton Hayne.
'Professor Raybum S. Moore, of the University of Georgia, writes us that Hayne's "The Skaptar Yokul," a Poesque short story, was first published in Russell's Magazine, I (Apr. 1857), 55-63, and that it was revised and shortened and published in Appleton's Journal, Vlll (Nov. 23, 1872), 567-570. The three magazines to which Simms here refers are Putnam's Magazine (New York), Lippincott's Magazine (Philadelphia), and Harper's New Monthly Magazine (New York).