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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 276 THE SIMMS LETTERS
Bruns I hear nothing. What of Dick Michel.' My best regards to your wife & mother. Keep your boy at his books. [Close and signature cut]
Great Barrington,
Augt. 1869. 2 My dear little Grand Daughter,
I recieved your pretty little letter, sometime ago, and was quite pleased to see how much you had improved in writing, spelling & composition. I would have answered it before this, but Grandpa has been travelling about, & has been frequently quite sick, so that he could not write conveniently and did not feel like writing to any body. I am sick now, and feel quite weak, but hope to get better soon, and to go to New York, next Saturday.' I hope your Mama will be able to take you & Annie up to Woodlands, by the first of October. It will do you all good. Carroll now rides on horseback, and he & Govan will show you every thing. I think you will all be quite happy up there, and I hope that Mamer & Grandpa will come home soon after you get there.4 Be a good child & believe that Grandpa loves you very much.
Your affec. Grandfather W. Gilmore Simms.
'Richard Frazer Michel, Hayne's brother-in-law. See note 297, Nov. 29, 1866 (1211).
'For Chevillette (born on Dec. 8, 1859), the eldest child of Augusta Simms and Edward Roach, see note 76, Apr. 9, 1860 (975).
'This letter was probably written around Aug. 23. See Simms' remarks about his plans for travel in his letter to Gilmore of Aug. 11 (1365).
'Aug. 28.
'Mary Lawson Simms had accompanied her father on this trip to the North.