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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 280 THE SIMMS LETTERS
Woodlands, Nov. 23. [1842–1850]' My dear Tefft
I see by the papers that you are in Charleston, and hasten to invite you to see us at Woodlands.' We are just 72 miles from the city. Our post town is Midway, which is 1 '/z miles from our residence. Have you leisure enough to partake of our hog & hominy, and let me assure you how very truly, I am,
Your friend &c,
W. Gilmore Simms I. K. Tefft Esq.
1420b : To JOHN J. FRENCH'
Woodlands S. C. Decr. 15 [1845–1849]' dear Sir:
I regret that I cannot comply with your wishes. I do not keep autographs myself & have readily yielded the letters of my corre-
1420 (la)
'This letter sent to Tefft "Politeness Mr. S. Hart Sen." must have been written after Hart took over the bookstore of J. P. Beile in 1841 (see letter to Carey and Hart of Aug. 2, 1841 [1131). Simms saw Tefft in Charleston in late Oct. 1841 (see letter to the Griffins of Nov. 3 (122b1), so it is unlikely that it was written in that year. Since the handwriting appears to be early, the letter must have been written during 1842-1850. We have checked the Charleston newspapers for these years (and, in fact, for a few years earlier and a few years later) without finding the notice Simms saw of Tefft's being in Charleston.
Simms wrote Woodland.
'Not identified.
=There is nothing in this letter by which we can determine the year in which it was written. It appears to have been written after Simms' meeting with James Fenimore Cooper in 1843 (see letter to Cooper of Sept. 27, 1843 (174a1), and before the death of Calhoun in 1850.