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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 306 THE SIMMS LETTERS
Clerk's copy of a printed document, S213003, Bills of Sale, vol. 5T, p. 390, South Carolina Department of Archives and History.
103a : To JOHN J. FOULK & F. W. KREMER
Woodlands, S. Caro, March 10 [1841] Gentlemen
I find much pleasure in acknowledging the high Compliment which you have been pleased to confer by making me an honorary member of your institution.is I, too, regard the noble German whose name forms that of your association, as one of those mighty masters who may be justly regarded as worthy of such selection. I nothing doubt that you will do justice to his great example in doing this honor to his memory. I thank you, Gentlemen, also, for the praise which you bestow upon my humble labors in the cause of American Letters. Certainly, the nation is too poor, as yet, in this Department, to dispense with any of the achievements of her Sons, however, intrinsically, defective they may appear in the Eyes of a high and severe criticism. Under this jar[r]ing necessity, on the part of my country, it may be permitted me to accept your Compliment with-out much blushing; and to take for grantedas you say that I have
in truth contributed somewhat to a national Literature. I sincerely
trust, however, that we have, all of us you in your walks & I in
mine a great deal more to do, equally for our own & our Country's
honor. May your course be harmonious & prosperous. You will do me the kindness to convey my thanks to the "Goethean Society,["] with my Sincere wishes for its increase & increasing influence & Success. For yourselves and brother members, personally, believe my friendly and most respectful Salutation. With much regard, I am gentlemen
Yor very obt & obliged Servant,
W. Gilmore Simms.
15. The Goethean Literary Society was established in 1835 at Marshall College, the predecessor of Franklin and Marshall College of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.