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Transcription Additional Letters and Documents, 1828–1868 309
until gradually environed by communities hostile to their institutions, and no ways scrupulous in the expression of their hostilities.
5. Resolved, That as the interests involved in this previous considerations are, in the opinion of this House, equally important to all the slave-holding States of this Confederacy, it becomes us to invite their co-operation with us in grave and circumspect deliberation upon them: To this cooperation and consultation, there-fore, be it farther resolved, that the Executive of the State of South-Carolina, be requested, by communication to the Governors of the Several States aforesaid, to meet us, by their delegates, in Asheville, North-Carolina, on the fourth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and forty six.
6. Resolved, finally, that South-Carolina is now, as before, warmly united in her desire and determination to preserve inflexibly the spirit and the letter of the Federal Constitution—the integrity of the Union the rights of the individual States—and her own people from oppression; and that, while she hails the success of the Democratic party as full of happy augury, she will relax none of that jealous vigilance by which only can happy auguries be converted into certainties, and a gallant people be rendered secure in their possession of their liberties.
Printed in Journal of the House of Representatives of South Carolina, I844 (Columbia, S.C.: A. H. Pemberton, State Printer, 1844), 41—2; autograph draft in S165018, Resolutions of the General Assembly, item 00022, South Carolina Department of Archives and History A clerk's notation reads "Mr. Simms Resolutions."

December 9, 1844
Mr. W. Gilmore Simms, from the Joint Special Committee on Public Printing, submitted the following Report, which was considered and agreed to.

The Joint Special Committee on Public Printing, on the part of the House of Representatives, beg leave to report, that after due consideration of the instructions from the House to the Committee on its