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Transcription 310 THE SIMMS LETTERS
behalf, in regard to the separation of the printing of the two Houses, they have concluded upon the adoption of this measure, and recommend that the Public Printing of the Senate and House of Representatives hereafter be divided.
Mr. Simms, from the same Committee, on the part of the House of Representatives, beg leave report, that after due consideration of the several proposals submitted to them, of Messrs. A. H. Pemberton, I. C. Morgan, and A. S. Johnston,' they have accepted those of A. H. Pemberton, at the following prices, viz:
Bills per page, $1.48
Reports and Documents, 1.42
Daily Journals, 1.54
Calendar, 1.54
Acts, 2.86
2,000 Copies of the Reports, Resolutions, Journals, &c, 2.61
The above work to be executed expressly to the proposals, as advertised by the Clerks of the Senate, and House of Representatives, under the Joint Resolution of the General Assembly, at the annual Session of 1843.
Printed in Journal of the House of Representatives of South Carolina, I844 (Columbia, S.C.: A. H. Pemberton, State Printer, 1844), 87. The report was approved by a vote of 69 to 39
19. Archibald H. Pemberton, Isaac C. Morgan, and Algernon Sidney Johnston (1801-1852). Adam G. Summer (1818—1866) edited and published the Augusta Chronicle and Columbia's South Carolinian during the 1830s and 1840s. In 1838 Morgan wed Frances Bynum, sister of Turner Bynum (1808—1832), the newspaper editor killed in a duel by Benjamin E Perry in 1832. Johnston was the older brother of Confederate general Joseph E. Johnston.