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Transcription Additional Letters and Documents, 1828—1868 315
Your petitioners believe that the object they propose, is one that promises great and extensive public benefits, at the same time that they are persuaded, that no detriment can ensue to any class of citizens.
Your Honorable Bodies are well aware, that the Edisto river is the chief channel through which Charleston and the sea-coast are sup-plied with lumber, and it is only necessary to examine the map of the State to see the length and dangerous character of the route by which this all important article of trade must be carried to reach a market. Your Petitioners believe that a Canal sufficient to accomplish the object they have in view, can be opened at a cost very small, when compared with its importance, and pray that a corporate Company may be authorized.
And your Petitioners will ever pray,
Printed document signed, S165015, Petitions to the General Assembly, item number 03358, South Carolina Department of Archives and History. The signatories were A. P. Aldrich, Lewis M. Ayer, Charles Brown, Seth Daniel. Joseph G. Dun-can, John H. Harley, J. M. Hutson, George M. Morris, Joseph Neilson, John D. Odom, W. A. Owens, Angus Patterson, Darling Peeples, William H. Peyton, George Priester, J. J. Ryan, W. Gilmore Simms, John E. Tobin, and Samuel Williams. The date of the item is based upon the House clerk's notations. An auto-graph notation by Simms reads "See Report Superintendent public works 1825 made by Col. [Abram] Blanding." Six other signed copies are found in Petitions to the General Assembly: item number 3355 from Barnwell and Charleston districts (also signed by Simms); items number 3356 and 3360 from Saint James Goose Creek Parish; items number 3357 and 3361 from Colleton District; items number 3359 and 3362 from Barnwell District. Each document bears signatures of citizens of the districts and parishes and notations by the House clerk.

December 5, 1845
Mr. \V. Gilmore Simms presented the Petition of sundry citizens of Barnwell District, praying for certain amendments to the Patrol Laws; which was referred to the Committee on the judiciary.
24. The General Assembly published The Militia and Patrol Laws of South Carolina (Columbia: A. H. Pemberton, 1845).