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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription Additional Letters and Documents. 1828–1868 319
governor], with no better motive than because it was assumed I would support him. My alledged offenses have been my birth place, my visiting the north, and my refusal to treat, &c. I take for granted, it will be easy with yourself & associates to sustain the claims of one so really clever in all respects as Aldrich, and who has performed his duties with most excellent ability.

Yours truly &c,

W. Gilmore Simms.
ALS in A. C. Bolzano Collection, Small Collections, Peter Della Tone, folder 6, South Carolina Historical Society. An endorsement by Della Torre reads "1846 Octr. Charleston W Gilmore Simms."

Columbia 27th Nov. 1846 G. C. Memminger, Esq.,
Chairman Com[mitt]ee Ways & Means
Apprised, that, in the petition of Mr. Nash Roach praying to be refunded an overtax, it is not stated what the usage of that Gentle-man has been in the manner of paying his tax, I beg leave to state that, for twenty years or more, his custom has been to communicate, by Letter, to the Tax Collector of Barnwell, that his General Tax was paid in Charleston, and to solicit from him, in that way, the necessary information which would enable him to know how much was his District Tax in order to settle it. As usual, he did this on the present occasion. The fact that his General Tax was paid in Charleston, was also made known to the Tax Collector of Barnwell, by myself.

Very respectfully Your obt. Servt. &c,

W Gilmore Simms.
ALS in Miscellaneous Communications to the General Assembly, 5165029, item 00001, South Carolina Department of Archives and History.