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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 320 THE SIMMS LETTERS
[Circa 184G]
Mr. Simms will thank Mr. Putnam, if at his leisure, on his return to London, he will attend to the following:
Mr. S's novels of The Yemassee & Guy Rivers were published by a house named Newman. Mr. S. would like to have copies of the Edition if not too expensive.
Mr. S's novels in several instances were published in the novel newspaper including Guy Rivers, the Yemassee, Beauchampe, Richard Hurdis and others, all of which Mr. S. would like to procure if possible, & if the cost be not great.
Mr. S. sends several copies of "Sonnets"&"Areytos" to certain English authors, which Mr. P. will be pleased to deliver. Among others, he sends a copy of Sonnets to Mr. Moxon,''' and If Mr. M. would be pleased to try an English Edition of the collection, Mr. S. would furnish him with some fifteen or twenty additional Sonnets, making the series complete. Corrected copies would be sent to Mr. M. upon his intimation.
Sheets of the Life of Capt. John Smith, the Founder of Virginia—a work to be published here in October, will be placed in the hands of Mr. P. as soon as ready. Mr. S. would like to have the work put forth by some good London publisher. His expectations from this edition would be moderate. For the "Sonnets," he would expect nothing but a few copies, and the beginning of an acquaintance with Mr. Maxon.
Mr. S. would be pleased to hear from Mr. P. occasionally, and would in turn advise him at intervals, of the literary progress in his part of the American world. It will give him pleasure to send
28. George Palmer Putnam (1814—1872) was a founder of Wiley & Putnam publishers in 1838, which opened a London office in 1841. He established Putnam's Magazine in 1852.
29. Edward Moxon (1801—1858) published works of William Wordsworth, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Robert Browning.