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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 322 THE SIMMS LETTERS
friend Godey's31 Book? I have a collection of some 25 such, with three or four Scripture narratives and some moral & religious poems beside, which would make a nice volume of 100 pages duod. for which I should like if Godey & yourself would find me a publisher. It would make a good Christmas or Easter publication, and I would give an Edition of 1000 for 100 copies. This at your leisure. Yours, &, W.G.S.

[RES.] With a vignette title & a single good line engraving, a good gift Book might be manufactured of this material.
ALS in South Caroliniana Library
Wednesday Night [1849] Dear Major
My daughter's guests leave us tomorrow, and we might shape our course to Augusta next week, but for the awful accounts which prevail here of Small Pox and Scarlatina in Augusta and Hamburg. Your own sufferings, in your family, from the latter disease are, I trust, ended; but there would be no propriety, or prudence, and perhaps as little pleasure, in visiting a neighbourhood which still suffers or is slowly recovering from the infection. On this SubTect, I must hear something definite or encouraging, before I could venture to carry my daughter into an atmosphere of possible danger. I have no fears on my own account, and so far (as you seem to sup-pose) from our entertaining any unwillingness to make the visit, both my daughter and self are anxious to do so. I really wish to see you & your brother, for I must have long talks with both of you. Write me, therefore, explicitly in regard to the health and condition of Hamburg & Augusta. It would be quite as easy for me to leave home next week as at any future period.
I do not go North willingly, but my not going may result in serious losses to me. Indeed, spite of southern patriotism, which I have
31. Louis Antoine Godey (1804-1878), publisher of the popular, long-lived magazine Lady's Book, often called Godey's Lady's Book, founded the periodical in 1830.