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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription Additional Letters and Documents, 1828—1868 327 674a : To JOHN JACOB BOCKEE41
New York[,] Sep. 20, 1853
My dear Sir:
To be sure you shall have it [my autograph].
Yours very truly, &c, W. Gilmore Simms.
ALS in South Caroliniana Library.
690a : To HENRY S. RANDALL42
Woodlands[,] Jan. 8, 1854 H. S. Randall
Dear Sir:
The Books for myself, Hammond, Miles & others have not yet been received by me. I wrote to my bookseller, Mr. John Russell, to see after them, and shall apprise you when I hear from him on the subject. I regret to hear of your illness. With your several duties you have need of all possible health. I can sympathize fully with one whose hands are so variously full. Such has been my condition for several years. And yet, I feel disposed to increase your labours. There is a volume of tracts in your State Library by a Col. Pinckney of U.S. published somewhere about 1809. I should like to get a review of this volume, with a selection of the best passages. Is this possible at your hands: or is it possible for you to procure me the use of this volume? I would take the utmost care of it, & would restore
41. John Jacob Bockee (1809—1885). Letters, 1:xcii. A friend of James Lawson and Evert Duyckinck, Bockee aided in the 1867 sale of Simms's Revolutionary War documents to the Long Island Historical Society.
42. Henry Stephens Randall (1811—1876), agricultural reformer and New York secretary of state, was a friend of Robert F. W. Allston, of South Carolina. See Simms's letters of November 23, 1853 (681), and December 3, 1853 (684) in Letters, 3:259—60 and 264—65, respectively.