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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription Additional Letters and Documents. 1828—1868 333
Same arrangement for meeting of Mr. M[agrath] & Mr. H[e]art, with the single exception of the hour, which it is agreed to be between 5 & 51/2 P.M. [Autograph addendum by] W. Gilmore Simms[:] If time be needed, it is understood that in the Case of Mr. M. & Mr. H. it may be extended while the light lasts. W.G.S.
Autograph document with Simins's initials in James Conner Papers Relating to the Taber-Magrath Duel, 1856 (Collection Number 247.00), South Carolina Historical Society.
Charleston, Oct. 12, 1856 Lorenzo Sabine, Esq.
Dear Sir:
I am compelled to be very brief in replying to your last letter, as I am busy closing much[?] up, preparatory to the removal of my family to the plantation, whither I propose to go in a couple of days. If I get to Boston, I shall be pleased to accept your kind invitation to visit you: though that I shall do so is very doubtful, inasmuch as my Publisher writes me that there is no call for me to Boston. In respect to the neutrality of Charleston, I propose to discuss that among other points, in a Lecture which I have prepared on S.C. in the Revolution. You Ignore [David] Ramsay altogether, who was present and procured. his materials from living parties. He says distinctly that the object was to gain time. Of this nobody here had any doubt. [William] Moultrie was not in the Council & was on had terms with it; quarrelling about authority 47 Moultrie was not a Major Gen—only a Brigadier at the time. Had he been there would have been no call for [Benjamin] Lincoln. [Richard Henry] Lee is quoted as an authority, and Bowen, & Flanders & Judge [Joseph] Johnson.48
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