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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 344 THE SIMMS LETTERS
no longer be befriended by substantial service; and we can no longer educate their children. In this, then, our state of utter helplessness, denial, privation and distress; solicitous of the re-establishment of our shrines, of the resumption of our rituals and labors, and the re-building of our Temples; we appeal to you, the well-beloved Brethren of our Ancient Order; to you who have felt none of the ravages of war, and whose altars yet send up their unpolluted incense from shrines of peace; for that succor which we need, and which, it is a pleasure to us to believe, you have equally the will and ability to bestow. You can help us to repair our ruined lodges, in this the Capital city of our State, where our Grand Master abides, and from which, as from a common centre, the Fraternity sends forth the inspiration which kindles the hearts of the Brotherhood in the remotest sections.
Nor do we plead to you on the simple score of Brotherhood alone. The Freemasons of the city of Columbia claim to have always been true to the Brethren, even when war raged like a demon through the land; they have sought out their North Brethren in the prisons where they lay captive; have supplied them with money, clothes, comforts and even luxuries; have obtained their temporary release from prison that they might join with us in the rites of Masonry, and, in so doing, have incurred the severe censure of those, not of the Craft, who regarded these prisoners only as enemies and invaders of the country. The Masons of Columbia confidently appeal to the testimony of hundreds of these captives, to speak of no other guests, to show that they have been faithful to their Brethren, and to all those principles and laws of our sacred Order, which are paramount in the minds and souls of all the Brotherhood.
The following are the Lodges of Columbia:
1. Richland Lodge No. 39, A. F. M.
2. True Brotherhood Lodge No. 84, A. F. M.
3. Acacia Lodge No. 94, A. F. M.
4. Boatwright Lodge U. D. A. F. M.
5. Columbia Chapter No. 5, R. A. M.
6. Union Council No 5, R. & S. M.