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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription Additional Letters and Docurnents, 1828–1868 345
7. Enoch Lodge of Perfection, A. & A. R.
8. Knights of Kadosh, A. & A. R.
They were all well-filled and well-constituted bodies, working unanimously together for the common weal of the Fraternity. It will constitute an additional claim of our Lodges upon the favor of the Brethren, to whom we now appeal, when we state, that, to the period when our city was destroyed, all these Lodges were in a state of high working usefulness; the Brethren were zealous, and daily growing wiser in the offices of the Craft; they were sending their light and saving influences abroad to other and obscurer regions, and exercising upon society at large a wholesome moral influence, tending at once to the dignity and elevation of the Fraternity, and to the great good of the people.
It is for you, dear Brethren, to say whether this progress shall be paralyzed at the moment of its greatest utility Whether our work in the Temple shall be arrested. Whether our lights, instead of shining out, in glorious rays, for the blessing of all eyes, shall grow dim, and wane into insignificance—Whether, in short, we shall learn to despair of the success of this Ancient Institution, which has been your pride, and our own, and which, properly sustained by mutual sympathies, will asset, everywhere, its high station, as one of the greatest blessings of civilization in every age; and whether our poor and needy, the widows and the orphans of our care, shall be left without a shelter, food, clothing and education. With this simple statement, and sad plea, we leave the subject in your hands, with the prayer that you will bring to its consideration all those virtues and charities, those lights and that wisdom, which should characterize the Craft in every land.
And we are, dearly Beloved Brethren, your Brothers in equal love and affection.
W. Gilmore Simms (Chairman) Richland Lodge. R. S. Bruns, W.M., Boatwright Lodge. John McKenzie, W.M., Richland Lodge. Jacob Levin, P.M., Richland Lodge. R. McDougall, W.M., Acacia Lodge. John Harrison, W.M., True Brotherhood Lodge. Committee.
Printed document in South Caroliniana Library. Appended to the printed hand-bill was a printed statement from Grand Master Robert D. Holmes of the State of