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Correspondence | U of South Carolina P | 2012
Transcription 346 THE SIMMS LETTERS
New York, October 30 A.L. 5865 [1865] stating: "The Lodges located at Columbia, South Carolina, having appointed a Committee which is represented by Bros. W. Gilmore Simms and R. S. Bruns, for the purpose of soliciting aid for them in view of their miseries and distresses, which are the results of the late disastrous war, and I having full confidence in the brethren named, do hereby most fraternally commend them and their sacred mission to you and each of you, and hope that you will give to them all the aid and assistance in your power." Simms's membership in Richland Lodge and his 1865 northern excursion to seek aid is described in Paul C. Graham, "Simms, Freemasonry, and His `Epistle to a Brother Mason in Affliction,"' Simms Review 17 (Summer/Winter 2009): 111-23.

Charleston, 1st of Jan. A.L. 5866 [1866] Brethren, this report sheweth that we, your Commissioners, have so far as lay within our power fulfilled your Commission; We have visited the Cities of New York & Philadelphia, and, exercising our discretion, have Communicated with the Grand Officers in both Cities, and have visited numerous lodges. In all, we have met, the most fraternal kindness, Such as becomes the sacred character of our brotherhood. We have reported to them the sad mischances and misfortunes of our fraternities at home, and, we believe, that so far as their resources have allowed them, they have generously responded to our wishes & necessities. In New York York [sic] we have met with nothing but geniality & Brotherhood. In particular, we have to acknowledge the sympathetic response of the Grand Master, Most Worshipful R. D. Holmes; of the Grand Secretary Right Worshipful Jas. M. Austin, to whose peculiar attentions & earnest activity, in our behalf, we are especially indebted. He accompanied us to most of the Lodges and introduced us to the fraternity. We must also acknowledge the fraternal kindness of P.G.M. Jno. W. Simons and P.M.W. Wm. T. Woodruff of Manhattan Lodge No. [blank] who took especial care of our objects and of your interests.
To Bros. Macoy & Sickels, well known to all of you, as the great publishers of Masonic Literature, we are also greatly obliged for their good counsels, & valuable assistance. It was also our pleasure to meet with the Illustrious] Grand Master Albert Pike of the Consistory of the 33d Degree, who gave us the grateful Countenance of