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Transcription Additional Letters and Documents, 1828—1868 347
one highest in authority, and greatly esteemed, among the whole body of Free Masons, throughout the United States. Altogether, we enjoyed the most acceptable fraternization of all the lodges in New York City. At Philadelphia, we were acceptably and geneally [sic] welcomed by all the Grand Officers of the Grand Lodge of Penn, who almost instantly declared their sympathies with their suffering brethren of So.Ca., and have contributed One thousand Dollars, for the benefit of the Grand Lodge of So.Ca.
We must not omit to acknowledge that at Trenton we were especially invited, and there received a donation fully proportionate to the resources of the Masons in that place. We beg to acknowledge the special kindness and attention of bros. T. J. Corson RM. & W. Ellis. Our personal cares & domestic duties prevented us from visiting the several cities of Baltimore, Washington & Boston, a purpose we had originally designed, and it is quite probably that had we succeeded in doing so, we should have been well welcomed & liberally requited by the Brotherhood. So far as our experience went, we have no reason to doubt that, could we have visited the fraternity in these places, their sympathies for our suffering brethren in So.Ca. would have resulted in valuable benefits for the Masons of this region. In pecuniary respects, the fruit of our mission may be reported taking from the cost & expenses of your Commissioners in the attainment of a liberal appropriation, for which use beg to refer to the appendix of this report lettered A.
Your Commissioners beg to report that they were received every where with the Sympathetic & affectionate welcome which should become a fraternity whose mission is Charity—an institution which precludes prejudices & politics and ignores those passions of Vanity, Cupidity, & War, which it is our especial mission to subdue & modify, so that peace & good will shall prevail among all men. We commend to your acceptance, the donations of our brotherhood in New York and take leave to remind that your Lodges shall make prompt & adequate acknowledgment of the good will[,] fraternal feeling, & liberal appropriations, which your Commissioners, in your behalf, have received at their hands.
All of which is respectfully submitted by your respectful & serving brothers, W. Gilmore Simms, R. S. Bruns, 32d P.M.