Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Item informationTitle: [Critical Essay on Felicia Heman's Poetry]
Genre: Reviews/Essays
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      Description The heading of the clipping is torn and worn away, making most of it unreadable: "[illegible writing] Poems.'' | FELICIA HEMANS. 
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      This item is a critical essay about Felicia Heman's poetry; the critic laments the popularity of the British poet and her poems being used widely in American schools.  The writer fears that imitation of Heman's poetry will be dangerous to both culture and education.  Simms expressed similar sentiments about Hemans, whom he considered in 1830 to be ''a seductive but dangerous model'' and also referenced her among other British poets when he lamented in 1841 the American ''disposition to follow English writers in a manner the most servile, the proofs are every where present in all our Magazines'' (Letters 1: 7, 217).