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Item informationTitle: [New York Reviews of Guy Rivers] (Four Items)
Genre: Reviews/Essays
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    • William Gilmore Simms: A Reference Guide
    Composition history
    ''Review of Guy Rivers,'' New York Courier and Enquirer [?] (1834?).

    ''Review of Guy Rivers,'' New York Mercantile Advertiser (1834). 

    ''Review of Guy Rivers,'' New York Gazette (1834). 

    ''Review of Guy Rivers,'' New York Times [?] (1834?). 
    Description New York Courier and Enquirer review heading not legible due to wear and tear. 

    New York Mercantile Advertiser review heading reads: GUY RIVERS—A TALE OF GEORGIA.—Harper & | Brothers. [review begins]

    New York Gazette review heading reads: GUY RIVERS: A TALE OF GEORGIA.—[review begins]

    New York Times review heading not legible due to wear and tear. 
    Notes Position: whole page

    Simms labels each review in his own hand.  

    Butterworth and Kibler supply information about two of the four reviews that are found on this page: both the Mercantile Advertiser and Gazette are purported to have been written ''before 19 July'' 1834 (Reference Guide 24-25).