Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Item informationTitle: Decaying Beauty (Page 171)
Genre: Poetry
Publication informationVolume: B
  • Publication date: 1839

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    • The Poetry of William Gilmore Simms: An Introduction and Bibliography
    Composition history ''Stanzas.''  Southern Literary Messenger, II (Aug. 1836), 530.

    ''Decaying Beauty.''  Southern Passages and Pictures (1839), 171-172 [Source of clipping].

    ''Oh, Lovely Were Once Her Eyes.''  Areytos (1860), 275.
    Description ''OH, lovely were once her eyes, but grief ...''

    Clipping reads: [closing text of ''Chuckwill's Widow''] | [rule] | DECAYING BEAUTY | [text of poem]
    Notes Position: center, upside-down.