Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Item informationTitle: Song — ''Muse Not That Grief'' [continued] / Song — ''Thy Happy Star is Shining.'' (Two Items)
Genre: Poetry
Publication informationVolume: D

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      Composition history ''Song — Must Not That Grief'' : 

      ''Early Grief,'' Southern Literary Journal, IV (Dec. 1838), 470.  
      ''Song—Muse Not That Grief,'' Magnolia, IV (Mar. 1842), 153-54.
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      ''Song — Thy Happy Star is Shining'' :

      ''Song — Thy Happy Star is Shining.'' Magnolia, IV (Mar. 1842), 154.
      Description ''I tell thee, care was all my dower ...''

      Clipping reads: [text of ''Song — Must Not That Grief''] | [rule] | XXIX. | [missing text] [text of missing poem] | [rule] | XXXI. | SONG — ''THY HAPPY STAR IS SHINING'' | [text of ''Song — Thy Happy Star is Shining''] | W. G. S. | [rule] | [text of prose piece ''Capacity and Action''] 
      Notes Position: top left, on reverse side of clipping ''Song — ''Could I Weep'' / Voices of Solitude. / Song — ''Forgive Me.'' / Moral Exile / Song — ''Must Not That Grief'' (5 Items)''

      There is a portion of the clipping missing, as if it was cut out.