Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Item informationTitle: The Soul in the Star—A Fancy
Genre: Poetry
Publication informationVolume: F (Part I)
  • Publication date: [1864-04-26]

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    Composition history ''The Soul in the Star—A Fancy.''  Charleston Mercury (Apr. 26, 1864) [Supplied source of clipping (Kibler, Poetry 283)].

    ''Star-Smiling.''  Columbia Daily Phoenix (May 10, 1865).

    ''Star-Smiling.''  Old Guard, IV (Oct. 1866), 608.
    Description ''Methinks, that a sweet spirit in yon star, ...''

    Clipping reads: THE SOUL IN THE STAR—A FANCY. | [rule]
    Notes Position: bottom left.

    Kibler asserts that Alcaeus is "after the Greek poet of that name, 620-580 B.C.'' (Kibler, Pseudonymous 38).